Sunday, 20 January 2013

Master Deepak Mali 

"Nothing Any Thing Without Practice"

About Grandmaster Shifuji :

Shifuji is my great master
The Founder Of Mission Prahar
Founder Of Indian Warrior Monk

About Master Deepak Mali :

Free Running (Parkour)
Best in Muai Thay 
Taekwondo 1st Dan,
SGL(Maharashtra) in Kyusho,
Shivkalin Mardani Khel.
I have best weapons skills - Nonchaku, Staff, Wires and swords 
I am Fight Choreographer
Fire Stunt Man
Co-Founder of India's Extreme Martial Arts
Self Defense Instructor
Martial Arts Demonstration well performer 

Contact :

    Mob No: 9689701002

   Email :